Black in Spring? No Big Thing!

Spring is in full force. Bright spring colors are everywhere you look, sometimes too much. We understand, maybe bright colors are not for, maybe you are not comfortable in them and like any true fashionista, you feel black is your true comfort color. It’s ok, we understand, black is also one of our favorite colors, and thanks to Self-Portrait and Organic by John Patrick it is perfectly acceptable to wear black in the spring. This season we have a number of dresses in our favorite dark color, but in fabulously perfect summer weights, in a number of styles and fabrics, from incredibly soft lace to breathable cottons. Ideal for those upcoming spring/summer weddings, daytime lunches or any other time a spring dress is necessary.

You look amazing!


Organic by John Patrick cotton dress

Organic by John Patrick cotton dress

Self-Portrait lace dress

Self-Portrait lace dress

Self-Portrait dress

Self-Portrait dress

We Bag You To Stop In

phone pouches If you have walked by the store within the past week, you may have noticed all the handbags in the window. The line is called B.May, named for its designer, Barbara May. The handbags are all handmade in a little town on the banks of Lake Michigan. The line uses only the best materials and exotic skins and believe in timelessness and minimalist design.

Each handbag is incredibly soft and easy, ranging from leather, to French goat, to lizard and crocodile, they are perfect for all your day-to-day adventures. In addition to the handbags we brought in a number of phone pouches. The little cross-body pouch is perfect for your phone, ID and a lipstick, for those times you don’t want to carry a whole handbag, but still need a little something.

Stop by and see all of the beautiful colors and styles B.May has to offer. They make great gifts for everyone on your list and maybe you will even find one for yourself.

ostrich bmay

brown bmay

black bmay

white bmay

water snake bmay

croc bmay

How are These Sale Items Still Here?!

Because we love fashion and we love you loving our fashion, we recently revamped our sale section. While rearranging we found some amazing pieces that we were so surprised are still here. Sometimes it takes seeing pieces in outfits and on forms to realize you want them. Here are our favorite picks from sale. If you see anything you like stop in or give us a shout 504.259.2599.

Our favorite sale picks!

From top left:

Weinstein's private label cashmere sweater multiple sizes $195 and Saci Luc skirt size 2 $175.

Dusan white sweater multiple sizes $380, Dries Van Noten black& silver skirt w/ pockets size 6 and 10 $360

Tomas Maier black strapless dress size 6 $325

Saloni red dress (perfect for holiday) size 4 $167

Rick Owens leather wrap vest size 4 and 10 $415, True Royal pant multiple sizes $195

The Row sleeveless dress size 4 $150

Saloni patterned dress (beaded back, not shown) Size 8 $150

6397 perfect black sexy silk cocktail dress, size xs and s $197

Bottom Left: 

Vettements wide cuff white shirt, multiple sizes $100, Saci Luc drawstring waist skirt multiple sizes $175

Long Dries Van Noten silk blouse size 10 $195, Black silk Dries Van Noten skirt w/ pockets size 6 $95

RTA skinny distressed denim, multiple sizes $86, Rick Owens tunic size 4 $92

RTA distressed boyfriend multiple sizes $67, Rick Owens top with exposed back zipper (not shown) size 8, $300

Organic crop sweater size 3 $135, Vettements wrap leather skirt size small $471

You can now Shop with us Online

screenIn case you haven’t heard, we are now online. We recently partnered with online retailer Farfetch to expand our sales reach. Farfetch is an online global community of 300 handpicked stores, which have been chosen for their forward thinking fashion. We are very excited to be able to, not only continue to serve our New Orleans customers, but now expand our reach to customers around the world. We are also thrilled, because the global reach allows us to increase our vendors and styles for our brick and mortar customer. For instance, for Spring ’16 we will start carrying new lines such as Acne, Unravel and 3x1.

We hope Farfetch will not only be a great increase in our business, but also will provide a new and fun experience for our local loyal clients as well.

11191597_5725909_480 rick marg

A few looks from our new Farfetch page

A Bright Idea of Going Green!

Goodbye old lights, it's recycling time for you! If you have been in the store over the last few weeks you might have noticed it seems brighter, a bit cooler temperature and an all-around better look to the store. It is because we have gone green! Thanks to NOLA LED and Entergy we have changed all our lights to more energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting system. By switching all our lighting to LED lighting we are doing our part to lessen energy consumption and thereby lessening the overall strain on the current grid and infrastructure in New Orleans.

Looking up at the new lights

We are so happy to participate in helping the city move in a greener direction. Our lights have a guarantee of five years and NOLA LED recycled all our old bulbs, we couldn’t be happier.

We hope our next step towards a greener future will be reusable bags in the very near future, so stay tuned.

Who Needs Sleeves?!

rick owens poncho blue With fall quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about warmer clothes. How about try a less traditional, but very fashion foward route? No sleeves!

Try a poncho! The poncho look was a favorite in the early 2000's. We all remember, the bright colors, major fringe, open weaves and higher neck, but thanks to last years blanket coat trend this seasons poncho is coming back with a vengeance, and a slightly more dramatic flair, thanks in part to having a more cape like feel.

weinsteins poncho

The key to wearing this look is pairing it with a slimmer under silhouette, to balance out the proportions. Down here in our warmer climate wear it with a cute pair of shorts or a slim skirt to show a bit of leg. For those in cooler climates a skinny leather pant, pencil skirt with tights or cigarette leg jean, you will look  sophisticated and polished.

If you are wearing it as more of an outerwear piece, ie wanting to take it off, throughout the day. A white collared shirt or streamlined dress, would be perfect. You still get the look, but not the commitment to all day poncho wear.

The most important part of poncho wear, is to not look like the poncho is wearing you. You need to own that poncho. Yes, you may treat it as if you are wearing a fashionable safety blanket, but you own that cozy blanket. Just remember to take into account proportion, color and poncho size.

poncho rick owens

We've Gone Digital!

1514195_924748104203504_9097650934116854269_nHello New Orleans and now the world. We've been in business 43 years. Both fashion and times have changed a lot, New Orleans has changed, and it is time we change, time we go digital.

We'd like to introduce you to our blog, Runway Retold! Here we will talk about store and local events, what's new and hot in fashion, up and coming designers, art, restaurants and of course our favorite city, New Orleans. But, we can't do it alone. Because we are excited about where all our clothes go, we would like you to share them and how you wear them with us. You bring the clothes to life, you have them tell a story, you give them a personality, and we want to see hear from you. Did you wear your new Dries Van Noten jacket to a charity event? What's your charity? Send us a picture. Were you caught at a dinner looking amazing in the new Peter Cohen dress? What did you have to eat? Where did you eat?  Were you just feeling great in your favorite Rick Owens sweater? Send us a picture we want to know; because again, without you, we wouldn't be us.

So let's make social media the community that it says it is. Like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, tag us on Instagram, even say hi on Twitter. We are here and want to hear from you. Stay tuned for more Runway Retold. We can't wait to digitally connect with you.