We've Gone Digital!

1514195_924748104203504_9097650934116854269_nHello New Orleans and now the world. We've been in business 43 years. Both fashion and times have changed a lot, New Orleans has changed, and it is time we change, time we go digital.

We'd like to introduce you to our blog, Runway Retold! Here we will talk about store and local events, what's new and hot in fashion, up and coming designers, art, restaurants and of course our favorite city, New Orleans. But, we can't do it alone. Because we are excited about where all our clothes go, we would like you to share them and how you wear them with us. You bring the clothes to life, you have them tell a story, you give them a personality, and we want to see hear from you. Did you wear your new Dries Van Noten jacket to a charity event? What's your charity? Send us a picture. Were you caught at a dinner looking amazing in the new Peter Cohen dress? What did you have to eat? Where did you eat? Β Were you just feeling great in your favorite Rick Owens sweater? Send us a picture we want to know; because again, without you, we wouldn't be us.

So let's make social media the community that it says it is. Like us on Facebook, pin us on Pinterest, tag us on Instagram, even say hi on Twitter. We are here and want to hear from you. Stay tuned for more Runway Retold. We can't wait to digitally connect with you.