Who Needs Sleeves?!

rick owens poncho blue With fall quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about warmer clothes. How about try a less traditional, but very fashion foward route? No sleeves!

Try a poncho! The poncho look was a favorite in the early 2000's. We all remember, the bright colors, major fringe, open weaves and higher neck, but thanks to last years blanket coat trend this seasons poncho is coming back with a vengeance, and a slightly more dramatic flair, thanks in part to having a more cape like feel.

weinsteins poncho

The key to wearing this look is pairing it with a slimmer under silhouette, to balance out the proportions. Down here in our warmer climate wear it with a cute pair of shorts or a slim skirt to show a bit of leg. For those in cooler climates a skinny leather pant, pencil skirt with tights or cigarette leg jean, you will look Β sophisticated and polished.

If you are wearing it as more of an outerwear piece, ie wanting to take it off, throughout the day. A white collared shirt or streamlined dress, would be perfect. You still get the look, but not the commitment to all day poncho wear.

The most important part of poncho wear, is to not look like the poncho is wearing you. You need to own that poncho. Yes, you may treat it as if you are wearing a fashionable safety blanket, but you own that cozy blanket. Just remember to take into account proportion, color and poncho size.

poncho rick owens