A Bright Idea of Going Green!

Goodbye old lights, it's recycling time for you! If you have been in the store over the last few weeks you might have noticed it seems brighter, a bit cooler temperature and an all-around better look to the store. It is because we have gone green! Thanks to NOLA LED and Entergy we have changed all our lights to more energy efficient, environmentally friendly lighting system. By switching all our lighting to LED lighting we are doing our part to lessen energy consumption and thereby lessening the overall strain on the current grid and infrastructure in New Orleans.

Looking up at the new lights

We are so happy to participate in helping the city move in a greener direction. Our lights have a guarantee of five years and NOLA LED recycled all our old bulbs, we couldn’t be happier.

We hope our next step towards a greener future will be reusable bags in the veryΒ near future, so stay tuned.